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High quality and effortless company events! Jyväs Media offers presenting technique all-incluselively for small and big events. Fluent and profeccional service helps to plan the happening and carry out the solution from beginning to end. With our all-inclusive solutions you save time and money!

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Either a small speech event or large company happening it is important that every guest can hear and see the presentation well and the technique functions without problems. A smaller event can require only few speakers and mikes, when a larger happening may require more extensive sound planning in several different spaces. For example real-time presentation transfer to another location, video transfer, classy details like lightning or FogScreen to create just the right atmosphere. With our help you can create classy event that suits best for your company!


Is it possible the every one in trade show can hear the presentations and speeches simultanously? Well planned sound technique reaches all guests at the same time in all parts of the building(s). With right lightning you create high class feeling and with FogScreen your department stands out. Let's plan together a well working trade show technique!


Either you are celebrating company anniversary or pre-Christmas party in 80's style, we offer all-inclusive packet which takes care of the high quality and feeling! We plan, deliver and instal the equipment, and profeccional sound personnel or Party DJ takes care of the music, right lightning and presentation technique - from entrance to small hours. Perfect background music tunes your guests to right atmosphere from very start. Party DJ plays music at the right time with appropiate volume and takes care that every gueast can hear the presentations and speeches. Through us also karaoke and performers. Let's plan together your event from music to lightning, waltz to afterparty!


As important part of restaurant is high class sound and lighning systems. Spaces are ofter in varied rooms and they require detailed sound planning to reach the perfect outcome. We help in mapping the needs and also rent equipment with long and affordable contracts. Also new ready-bargained equipment orders through us. Rented and ready installed equipment are maintained regularly.


Jyväs Media creates company and event promo videos according customer needs. Through a live picture most important company themes are highlighted in a memorably way - either the brand is effective, profeccional or entertaining and eventful - Stand out!

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