FOGSCREEN - the jewel of events

The jewel of events and parties, Fogscreen, produces a thin and "dry" curtain into the air, acting as a transparent screen for images that literally float in the air. FogScreen is perfect for creating that "wow" factor and has significant applications for use in Museums, Cinemas, Night clubs, Casinos, Shopping Malls, Fashion shows, Trade Fairs, Corporate Events, Product launches, Weddings and any other special event.

FogScreen's patented technology with tap water and ultrasonic waves creates a "virtual" projection screen that appears to float in the air. Create a much talked about show stopper! FogScreen is so dry you can stand in it, touch it or even walk right through it. With the optional interactive possibilities, FogScreen can become a truly unforgettable experience.

The unique Finnish innovation offers a new alternative for presentation technique. The smooth fogscreen reflects moving and still picture through which a viewer can walk. The screen is built of fog where the projector reflects images. The essential difference to traditional screens is that the viewer can be taken through the screen, and this can give an illustion of for example stepping into a certain space or running towards a brick wall.

Anything that can be projected on a normal wall or TV screen, can be projected on Fogscreen. The Fogscreen generates classy and modern atmosphere for all events!

Could Fogscreen be exactly the element that makes your event stand out? Contact us and we gladly answer any question you about the Fogscreen.

See FogScreen in action!

Coca-Cola Zero product launch FogScreen® Vimeo

Vodafone event FogScreen® Vimeo

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